About Us

We are thankful that many years ago Great Grandfather Richard, bought a beading loom for his young granddaughter Luna. With it, she spent many hours learning how to do beadwork over the summer vacation. Grandma Mago decided to encourage her daughter and grandsons to continue crafting the beautiful designs that you see on our website today. Four generations of life experience is reflected in the creation of this business. At this time, the whole family is involved in one way or another in the creation of art that tells the story of the Nava family throughout the years.

Like most family histories, this one is a joining of members from different cultures and regions of the world, as they came to settle in the hope and possibilities of America. Our line can be traced from the rich heritage of Native clans, to the international boundaries of Mexico,Africa and Portugal. A common thread that holds them together, just as the multiple rows of beading makes the jewelry stronger, is the desire to make a better life for the members and the expectation that hard work and dedication produces a pallet of color and design that not only makes one interesting, but desirable to know and possess. Thus, the name NavaHope is a reflection of all of our dreams and desires.

As you enjoy your jewelry, know that much thought and labor has gone into every piece. Each color and design represents something the artisan had in mind to make the final product ready for your purchase.